Sept. 28 & Oct. 5 – Archive – Watch Now!

Resetting Your Spirit in the GREAT RESET.

WATCH NOW — 2 Part Zoom Workshop from Sept. 28 & Oct. 5, 2022.

We had two wonderful evenings online earlier this fall when the Toronto Church of Universal Love (COUL) hosted two learning sessions that I presented. COUL has been kind enough to provide me with links to these two sessions, so that you can access them again if you wish, or listen to them for the first time. During those two evenings, I shared the many ways that all of humanity has been experiencing a reset. In the sessions, we were able to define and explore ways to support our own expansion and how to participate in our own ways in this reset. If you are looking to create a new path for yourself, for each other, and for our precious earth, I invite you to listen to these two learning sessions.




2 thoughts on “Sept. 28 & Oct. 5 – Archive – Watch Now!”

  1. During the exercise of sitting by water, my thoughts were very clear that I was at a beach sitting in the sand at the point where the waves meet the beach. I was clearly eight years old, and it was the moment my consciousness came to be. It was the moment that my destiny was created. This moment unknowingly, became my truth. Thank you.

  2. Thank you Heidi for a wonderful webinar (I’ve only listened to the first session so far.)! I appreciate your calmness during this difficult time in my life. So glad you included this link in your e-newsletter 🙂
    Hugs, Marianne

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