Feb 26, 2022 – Archive – Watch Now!

Visit to Rouge Creek – Eagle’s Perspective

WATCH NOW — Chat with Spirit from Feb 2022

On Feb 26, 2022, I had a wonderful experience while visiting Rouge Creek with musician and producer, Mario (Mayito) Allende. He offered to come with me to record a brief video of my speaking with spirit. He chose this location and this topic, which was an inspired decision. It turned out to be a spectacular moment, very windy — but very moving. Watch until the end for an appearance that we couldn’t even imagine would happen. I am so thankful that Mario was able to capture it so beautifully.

7 thoughts on “Feb 26, 2022 – Archive – Watch Now!”

  1. Moving and magnificent. A beautiful reminder of my power to create my life and the joy and ease of soaring. Thank you Heidi! Wishing you every blessing this Easter. Munay

  2. Susan Beayni, April 14 2022 at 7:O3 pm
    Heidi, I learn so much from your…words that touch my heart and assist in my knowing. Thank you so much for what you are doing with the filming with Mario so that it can touch many people around the world. Many blessings to ALL for peace, love and joy.
    May Peace Prevail in the spirit of Ubuntu


  3. Tatjana Krajnjan

    Amazing! I am still in awe of that spectacle. Not only that the eagle showed up and soared above you, it also used its voice. I felt that it agreed with your message and teachings. Thank you Heidi for your wisdom and for this video. Thank you great Eagle. Blessings to all.

  4. This is wonderful… thank you for sharing! What a beautiful location. It is an AMAZING that the eagle replied!!!! Twice!

    I observe Eagle, and they rarely make a sound. Guess it had something to say to us all.

    Incredible. Thank you

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