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Answering the Call of Your Spirit is for everyone, including you, who has forgotten their original light, the spark inside them. With this book, you will come to understand your power and be gently introduced to a number of practical steps to regain your inner light. Learn how to break free of worries or fears that might have been holding you back. Once you begin to take action, you’ll naturally tap into your own unique personal power and remember your original mission. It is your birthright and you deserve to shine brightly and be happy.

A Powerful Guide to Rekindling Your Inner Light

  • As you rediscover your inner light, all aspects of your life and health tend to improve dramatically.
  • Find out how to tell if it is your Mind or your Soul that is guiding you.
  • Better understand and manage your emotions so they no longer rule your life.
  • Develop proven techniques and strategies to deal with the daily stresses of modern life.
  • Resolve past traumas so they no longer trigger you or keep you stuck in the past.

About Heidi McBratney

Heidi McBratney brings a depth of wisdom, insight, compassion, and encouragement that enables her to guide others to develop their innate ability to grow and flourish from the many life challenges we all experience. Her goal is to support others in developing new life-long skills that increase their awareness and balance, giving them a roadmap to emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual health.

Heidi focused her own education, training, and personal growth in ways that gave her the skills and wisdom to support others of all ages, cultures, and life experiences. She has been a practitioner in counselling, energy medicine techniques, and teaching for more than 30 years. She has achieved recognition as an expert in traumatic stress, compassion fatigue, and healing the soul back to wholeness.

Her most significant education has been through her world travels and learning from various Elders of different indigenous peoples who encouraged her to share the ways of returning home to one’s truth and one’s soul. Heidi has been given guidance and support from various Native Elders in Canada and the United States, and from many Elders in South America, Africa, New Zealand, Australia, Egypt, and Israel. She also completed advanced training with The Four Winds Society in Shamanic Studies, as well as The Foundation for Shamanic Studies. She became a teacher for The Four Winds Society supporting their Canadian program.

What Readers Say

Whether you are already on your journey or just beginning, Heidi invites you to embrace your soul, your light, and explore your shadows. The stories and self-discovery-moments guide you as you walk along the path and you choose the depth in which you engage in the process. Thank you, Heidi, for your guidance on my journey.



I have had the good fortune to sit in circle with Heidi McBratney to both experience and witness the effects of her down-to-earth teachings and exercises. The simple exercises allow participants to focus and get out of their own way and gain new perspectives.
I love witnessing the ‘aha’ moments.

Rev. Gillian Edwards

 I was recently diagnosed with PTSD, depression, and anxiety with panic attacks, and I was immediately taken off active duty to attempt to manage my mental health. My family referred me to Heidi who helped me process trauma I faced as a Police Officer as well as trauma from my childhood. With Heidi, I experienced a spiritual awakening which allowed me to release all of my trauma, which impacted me so profoundly, it was life changing. I believe it would have taken years of traditional therapy to get to this level of healing. Heidi guided me to help me retrieve my soul that had been lost for years. She gave me the tools to help me evolve and I’ve been able to return to my career healthier in all aspects: physically, mentally, emotionally, and better equipped to help my community. I can’t thank Heidi enough.


Police Officer

Working through the concepts in this book is so life-affirming and uplifting! I really appreciate how Heidi’s explanations and personal examples are easy to grasp and how I’ve been able to apply these ideas within my daily life. I have emerged with a clear spiritual compass, now that I know myself, I know my strengths, and I have rediscovered the light of my soul.


Communications Professional

On our eternal quest for peace and happiness, Heidi provides us with a road map to guide us home to our true self. She eloquently leads us to discover our true nature and the importance each one of us plays in the collective whole. She takes us to a place where spirit flows through effortlessly and where life is infused with joy, love, and wisdom. Much gratitude, Heidi, for writing this book at a time when humanity needs to feel and honor its inter-connectedness more than ever

M. Gilbert


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Powerful Ways to Engage with the Author

  1. Book a media session or podcast interview today. Heidi’s inspiring message and healing techniques can be customized to reach your audience where they are at today.

  2. Invite Heidi to present to your group or gathering. Heidi is a gifted teacher, presenting healing wisdom from the ages in an easy-to-understand way, while also sharing her own 22 proven strategies for transformational change. Invite her to walk with your group through a wonderfully uplifting and life-changing experience.

  3. Natural healing techniques can get to the root of many issues. If you find you are experiencing PTSD, trauma, or chronic issues that are not resolving themselves, please contact Heidi directly to see if a private appointment may be advisable.

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Interviews & Speaking Engagements

In addition to working from her own private healing practice in Toronto, Canada, Heidi McBratney has taught for various educational facilities, non-profits, organizations, and at conferences on a variety of topics. She has a specific focus on supporting growth and building strengths that come out of trauma and difficult life experiences. If you are interested in booking Heidi for a media interview, podcast, speaking opportunity, or you want to inquire about book sales, please contact her directly.

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